HerbalWeeks on Western Lake Constance 

Mai to June 2024

Herbs are used to invigorate or soothe, entice our taste buds and bring relief and strength with healing powers. From angelica to valerian, we cultivate healing plants on Western Lake Constance thanks to a unique landscape nourished by volcanic ash and ancient monastic wisdom.HerbalWeeks is a special event that runs from May 14 - June 19, 2022 where scheduled activities revolve around plant diversity and the regions herbal wisdom.  Wild Herb Hikes teach you how to identify our green medicine and vitamin bombs. Guided Tours take you through the region's most beautiful herb gardens. Hotels offer healing and aromatic treatments in their spas. Gardeners can buy treasures at the Herb Market and foodies will find fresh herbs featured in their meals at local restaurants. 

PR - Kräutertöpfe beim Radolfzeller Kräutermarkt
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