Local public transport is the way to travel: The BODENSEECARD WEST is a free transportation ticket that gets you to your destination more relaxed allowing you to leave the car behind. Upon check-in, all overnight guests in 10 participating locations get a BODENSEECARD WEST. It works as a free ticket within the district of Constance (including Stein am Rhein and Überlingen), and gives pass holders a 20 percent discount on Untersee ferries, reduced museum admissions and affordable rental fees for bikes and boats.

Zone plan of the transport association Hegau-Bodensee

Zone plan of the transport association Hegau-Bodensee

Questions & Answers

Questions & Answers


What services does the BODENSEECARD WEST include?

In addition to free use of public transport, the card includes both free and discounted admission to lidos and museums, rental fees for bicycles or boats, and much more. The BODENSEECARD WEST bilingual brochure presents these free and reduced services clearly.

Who is eligible for the BODENSEECARD WEST?

All overnight guests staying in the municipalities of Allensbach, Bodman-Ludwigshafen, Gaienhofen, Gailingen, Moos, Öhningen, Reichenau, Sipplingen and Steißlingen as well as in the towns of Radolfzell, Singen and Stockach. The pass is provided when checking in and does not cost you anything!

How does it work?

The BODENSEECARD WEST is a service provided by your host to make your stay at the Western Lake Constance even more comfortable and attractive. The participating municipalities finance the pass by means of the visitor‘s tax.

Who is not eligible for the BODENSEECARD WEST?

Permanent campers, second home owners and people who are exonerated from paying the visitor‘s tax, such as business travellers. Children up to and including 14 years of age traveling with groups do not receive the BODENSEECARD WEST.

How long is the pass valid?

The BODENSEECARD WEST is valid from your arrival at your host’s establishment until the day of departure.

Is the pass transferable?

No, the pass is not transferable. You are issued with a personal BODENSEECARD WEST.

What conditions apply in buses and trains?

  • The BODENSEECARD WEST is valid for local transport (town and regional buses as well as RB/RE/IRE/SBB/HZL/+suburban/IC-trains) within the VHB zones 1-5 + 33 incl. Überlingen, in 2nd class compartments.
  • Line 200 to Stein am Rhein (CH) can also be used up to the Untertor stop (Switzerland) beyond the network.
  • The BODENSEECARD WEST is only valid in conjunction with a valid official photo ID card
    belonging to the person named on the VHB guest pass. The pass is only valid  as a group ticket if this person is present.
  • If you leave the VHB zones, you must purchase a regular ticket from the last municipality in the VHB area.
  • In the event of a violation, an increased fare of at least 60 euros shall be paid. Furthermore, the VHB tarif regulations and conditions of carriage apply.

How do I obtain the pass?

  • The BODENSEECARD WEST (BCW) is provided by your host upon arrival. Depending on your host, an electronic or printed registration form shall be completed. Changes made
    on the BCW will make it invalid as a ticket.
  • Please note that the BCW is only valid if it is duly completed (incl. total number
    of people and departure date). If you do not know your departure date, enter the earliest probable day of departure. If you prolong your stay beyond this date, please complete a new registration form with your host.

What is the situation with animals and cycles?

  • ZIf you wish to travel with animals, a valid ticket must be purchased. Small animals
    in closed containers travel free of charge. In this regard, please also note VHB‘s transport regulations. In the Seehas, bicycles are free of charge Mon – Fri from 9 am and on weekends all day long (within the space available).
  • Please note that the possibility of travelling with bicycles in buses and trains is restricted. Public transport users are not automatically entitled to travel with a bicycle. The decision of the personnel applies in each individual case.

What conditions apply for groups?

  • If you have registered as a group but want to use the BCW as a ticket for individual
    members of the group, you can obtain group members’ tickets , to be used by individual members of the group, from your host or the tourist information office upon presentation of your BCW and your official photo ID card.
  • For group travel for 10 people or more, advance notification is required by the relevant transport operator at least 3 days before the journey. Your tourist information office can provide the necessary contact information for the transport operators.