Good to know 

Please read this useful information about the unique features within our four-country region. Please contact a local tourist information office with any questions and we will be happy to help. 


Cell Phone / Smartphones:

Roaming charges may apply if you make calls with your mobile phone / smartphone. To avoid this deactivate "automatic network selection" and "data roaming" for mobile phones with internet access.



In Germany, the Euro is the official means of payment. Swiss Francs are the accepted denomination in Switzerland. Towns and villages close to the border often accept both currencies. Please inquire in advance to avoid any misunderstanding. 


ID card:

It is very easy to cross the border unknowingly by land or water at the western end of Lake Constance. Please always carry your ID card and children’s identification with you.


Luggage Transport on Western Lake Constance:

Bodensee-Tourismus Service GmbH offers luggage transport around Lake Constance during the main season. Our service collects your luggage from any hotel, campsite, private room, holiday apartment or youth hostel on the lake. Just make sure the luggage is easily accessible for the driver.