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FishWeeks on Lake Constance 


September 09 - October 06 2024

Hook to Plate!

From September 11 - October 8, whitefish, bass and carp are the key culinary players on Western Lake Constance during the Lake Constance FishWeeks. Participating restaurants serve 3-course menus and our creative chefs inspire their diners with fresh fish creations. For example, visitors could expect whitefish filet on a bed of bacon and arugula, or deep-fried fish livers on an herb salad, or perhaps a whitefish wrapped in a sesame seed crust.

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Bodensee-Fischwochen | Pressebild Grüner Baum
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Large reed areas and shallow water zones make Western Lake Constance an ideal habitat for a wide variety of fish species including whitefish, char, pikeperch, trout varieties, pike, bass, eel and many other species.

Perch has a strong, juicy flavor.

Pike is one of the largest freshwater predators.

Carp originates from Asia and was spread by monks as a fasting food in Germany and around Lake Constance.

Char belongs to the trout family.

Local fishermen pull their nets before sunrise and deliver to local restaurants who promise to serve only the freshest catch of the day.

Please remember that Lake Constance fish is a natural product and certain varieties may be seasonally unavailable. Occasionally, a restauranteur might run out of perch one day, but rest assured there are other fish dishes on the menu just as pleasing.