Apples, pears and cherries compete for blue ribbons at our weekly and evening farmers’ markets. The local flatbread “Dünnele” is a delicacy topped with fragrant bacon and onions. A glass of apple cider quenches the thirst. The Höri peninsula is a land of milk and honey where the unique Höri-Bulle onion grows. The onion’s flavor is mild like the climate. The famous gardeners of Reichenau harvest tomatoes, zucchini and peppers fresh from their monastic island. Vintners pick plump grapes from the vines. And the lake offers its own bounty including pike, perch, whitefish and pike-perch from fishermen’s nets. There are hike-and-bike tours with culinary stops that combine the beauty of nature with culinary pleasures. The key players in this sensual region are: leafy greens and delicate onions, lake fish and wine.


A Year Full of CulinaryDelights

A brilliant year for gourmets at Western Lake Constance

At the western part of Lake Constance and in the Hegau region, gourmets feast their way through the year. The annual culinary timetable helps with orientation.

The VeggieWeeks kick off the year. The year continues with the HerbalWeeks in May and June, the Lake Constance FishWeeks in September and October and the WildWeeks starting in November. In this way, pleasurable sensory feasts are strung together throughout the year.