VeggieWeeks on Western Lake Constance


February 14 to March 29 2024

crunchy - fresh - delicious - healthy
The Western Lake Constance region has always been known for its crisp, fresh fruit and vegetables, whether from the vegetable island of Reichenau, the Höri peninsula, or the sun-kissed vineyards and orchards in Hegau and on the Swiss Seerücken. Countless family farms have been cultivating the rich soil here for centuries, harvesting colorful and energy-giving delicacies such as the famous Höri-Bülle. From Ash Wednesday to Holy Saturday, these delicacies are now the focus of the culinary gourmet scene between Western Lake Constance and the Hegau volcanoes. The period has been chosen deliberately and is a tribute to the meatless fasting tradition on the monastery-influenced lake.

VeggieWochen 2022
Bodensee-Fischwochen | Pressebild Grüner Baum