Boats & ferries

Scheduled ships, solar-powered water taxis, timetables...

The lake is magical. Some days the water 
colors shift hourly from turquoise to green to deep blue. Sometimes it looks like glass. Then a gentle ripple caresses the surface, and with a bit of wind you feel a fine spray. A flock of birds takes off and flutters overhead. We love to travel by boat. The shores of neighboring bays and islands are nearby. It’s easy going back and forth between Germany and Switzerland. Simply Hop-on and Hop-off!
Scheduled ships operate on a reliable timetable well into autumn. This makes it easy to plan outings and bring your bike along for the ride.

The Untersee is calmer than the Obersee, quieter and perhaps even 
“finer,” as those who know like to say. At the western end of Lake Constance, its takes only a few minutes to cross the German-Swiss border on regularly scheduled boats that take you to lovely destinations and regional attractions. Insider tip: there are two futuristic solar water ferries that quietly taxi the western shores of the Untersee. 

Boundless Fall-Hopping
Herbst-Hopping Schiff

Boundless Fall-Hopping